Vaguard-Eco Biotechnologies is a Hydrocarbon Microbial Monitoring and Bioremediation Services Company that specializes in bio-hazard remediation for residential, commercial and industrial customers using organic products.

Bio-hazard remediation is the process of removing / eliminating a contamination from a surface, wall, carpet, oil, soil, water or other medium.


Residential homes that may have been subject to an incident such as a water leak, or exposure to a contaminant. Examples of contamination are:


Businesses that experience an event that contaminates the interior surfaces of the building, or the surrounding areas outside of the building. Or contamination that has accumulated over time from a slow continuous source.


Large scale businesses that cover vast areas with a large physical footprint.

Decontamination / restoration process involves testing identifying and measuring the levels of contaminates present at the site. After the remediation is complete, testing/measuring is conducted to confirm that there are no contaminates present.

Organic Products:

Vanguard-Eco Biotechnologies uses organic products made from all natural, non-toxic ingredients, safe for humans and pets.